Friday, February 9, 2007

"Red Eyed Tree Frog"

This painting is still wet, so I apologize for the glare. This is a 6"x6" oil on maple panel. I love tree frogs, I think it's that they have a gem like quality, like some reef fish, that is dazzling to the eye. There is a fun family collection of these frogs in the form of molded plastic toys in our bathroom window. I figure it's humid there, they'll be happier. We always have to look at museum stores to see if there are any color variants that we don't have yet. There was a show at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History last year, and this guy was on exhibit. I took a photo of him just before he jumped. It was tough to capture his glow, but I think when I varnish this piece, it will pop the colors more.

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Anonymous said...

I thought this was a photo for a minute TK! Adorable and beautiful and alive!