Monday, February 19, 2007

"Small Pan, Big Egg"


I used to be in the antiques business on the side, and this is a leftover small collectible toy cast iron skillet. 100 years ago and more, little girls had replicas of their household's big cast iron wood fired cook stove, complete with all the cast iron cookware, and they could actually cook with them to a small extent. I also deal in vintage and antique images, and I had a marvellous photo some time back circa 1900 of 5 little girls cooking around one of those stoves. I love cast iron, especially for cooking; I suppose for the same reasons that made me a sculptor in my previous life and a car and motorcycle and bicycle buff now. I like metal! So I cracked an egg into this neat little skillet for a still life. It's actually brighter than this, I'll need to add it to those paintings that need to go outside to be photographed over. This is a 6"x4" oil on canvas.

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Jessica Sorci said...

That's the cutest little egg-in-a-tiny-skillet I've ever seen!