Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Floating Phantom"


I have been painting every day, but everything is in drying mode between finishing layers, and I didn't want to keep showing WIPs. So I painted this 6"x8" oil on canvas last night, and did a bit of touch up this afternoon. I'm happy with it, it was supposed to be a quick, bright color study, and was fun. Plus I love this horse. His name is "Phantom Of The Opera", and he was a Royal Friesian imported at age four from the Netherlands. He was one of the Queen's royal carriage horses, and he was a truly royal horse in every sense, with a grand sense of humor, a great intelligence, and a truly stunning way of going, with incredible action. He was trained in Dressage and High School (think Spanish Riding School) movements. I had the privilege of riding him a few times, and was his very happy groom for awhile as well. His heart belonged to my dear friend Davida Oberman and her friend Smokey Robinson, and he was well loved by a huge number of people. Everybody knew Phantom! He was even in the Rose Parade. Sadly, he was lost to colic at age 17 some years back, but he lives on in the hearts of many people, and I for one will always celebrate him! He was my best and brightest muse! Soon I will be painting his blood nephew, "Music Of The Knight". Get me those photos, D!


vannfe said...

Hello, I happened upon this site by chance, looking for current info on Phantom. I too, rode him. He was a wonderfull horse and my all time favorite. He was the first horse I ever rode dressage on. He was a great teacher. I'm sorry to hear of his passing. The last thing I had heard of him was that he had gone home from the training facility where I had ridden him, but I didn't know why, and that was almost 6 years ago. He will be missed. I'm glad that you are able to encase his memory in your art. Through your art he will be imortal for all of us.

TK said...

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for sharing about Phantom. He touched so many lives with his great heart and the tremendous force of his personality and intelligence, and his glorious physical presence! He was truly a one of a kind. There's a Jewel video on YouTube that shows Phantom right at the beginning, and in a beautiful sequence nearer the end. She did a photo shoot with him and I think he's on an album cover or in liner notes as well. I have video and photos of him, but he will always live in on my heart.

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