Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Friesian Afternoon"


Another 6"x8" oil on canvas study of Phantom trotting by on a warm summer afternoon. His mane has a long braid in front with the rest swept back in movement, and his gorgeous thick wavy tail was so long that when he stood still it had six inches on the ground. The breed standard for Friesian horses requires that the mane and tail not be cut. This horse epitomized "Poetry In Motion". It was his middle name.


Linda said...

Hmm. I never expected to learn while enjoying the paintings, but...I sure learned from this entry! :) The tail drags on the ground?? Wow.

TK Temple said...

It is never supposed to be cut! :)

Anonymous said...

Is this painting for sale?

TK said...

Hi, Thanks for your interest, this painting was bought by the owner of Friesian stallion. I forgot to mark it sold. There will however be more Friesian horses up in awhile, I have a commission of the above horse and will be doing some studies before I begin the larger work.
So please check back, or if you'd like to join the email update group, you can put your email address in the upper right corner of the blog. I only send an update once a month or so.