Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Jumbo Rocks"

I finally made it out to Joshua Tree, and it was fabulous! I took lots of photos, some of which will also show up here in the future in the form of "Faux Plein Air", in that the work is done from my own photo reference on my laptop screen instead of painting on the spot in open air, but the work is done quickly and with as much of the characteristic simplicity and boldness of plein air as I can currently obtain. As I am a "fussy" painter, this is new for me. Did I mention I had to scrape it back twice before I was happy with it...? I loved the shadows on the back side of this group of huge boulders. It will be for sale later, when it is dry.


Len said...

I love the colors in your "Jumbo Rocks". Well done...and I like your idea of "Faux Plein Air". I want to try that as an alternative to plein air.
Thanks for sharing,

TK said...

Thanks for the kind compliments! I can't take credit for the "Faux Plein Air". I did think of it on my own, but I know that Larry Seilor for one thought of it some time back. It is very helpful for the discipline it teaches, but getting out into the real world offers colors and atmoshere and light that isn't present in any man made image, so you have to really be aware of those limitations and make the most of your artistic license!