Thursday, January 4, 2007

Queensland Native

This is the Queensland, Australia varietal native Eucalyptus tree painting shown below in process, done. Usually I sign a painting when I believe it's finished, then find a few more tweaks later. As it's a gallery wrap canvas, I still need to paint the bottom edge, but, it's a wrap!


the Cowgirl said...

We have the honor to have met TK on the world-wide-web, down some magic trail that ended up in friendship over many years now. Didn't get a chance to dance with you at your wedding, darlin' may a US Air Force brat, respectfully request that you dance with me now? Have to call on Bob Nolan & the Sons of the Pioneers for a little music: ~Boys if you will, a little "Cool, Clear Water?" Hats off to the Ponypainter!

Godspeed from banjoman-nine

Linda said...

Queensland, eh? Looks like California, everywhere, to this native.

TK Temple said...

Ah, but they were originally imported from Australia as fast growing windbreaks! Early settlers here had to plant a certain number of acres of trees on the parcels of land that they settled, by government law. This fast growing, quick reproducer was ideal, even though it made lousy firewood. That's why there are so many all over the So Cal area, and have been the favored subject of so many fabulous early and contemporary California Plein Air painters. They have become a California icon, haven't they? We are so lucky! ;)